Are You Giving Practical Gifts To The Men In Your Life This Christmas?

Probably the little girls, little boys, and the women on your Christmas list have always ​ooh-ed and aah-ed in delight over the Christmas gifts you have given them in the past. However, have you noticed that the guys have seemed a little bit forced with their appreciation when they have opened gifts they didn't really want? Maybe you have come to a less fun, but more honest, realization that the men you shop for would prefer more practical gifts—gifts they will really put to use. If so, have fun shopping for the girly gifts and the toys, and then face the fact that you'll also be shopping for what you might consider less exciting gifts for the men. You'll probably receive some very real smiles and hugs of appreciation.

The Teenage Boys - It's sad, but true; the teenager boys on your list would probably be super grateful to receive cash for Christmas. However, that doesn't mean that it can't be presented in a creative way. Of course, there's always envelopes that are designed for cash or check gifts, but they're not as much fun as some of the other things you can do. Think about buying a pair of socks that have a unique design, and tuck the money in the cuff of the socks. Or give a wooden puzzle that has to be solved to reach the cash. Another idea is to go ahead and buy the necktie you would have chosen, but stick the money in the back of the necktie. See how much fun you're going to have with this?

The Men On Your List - Think about buying affordable work boots for every single grown up man on your list. Think about it. Work boots can be used when it's a rainy, messy day, or they can be used when a guy is working on a project that requires closed toes for safety. And, of course, work boots are perfect for the work place, too. Find out if there's a certain style and color that the workers are expected to wear, and go with that design. If there's not a set style and color, then just go with what your gut tells you to buy. For example, if your husband loves brown leather, then select that for his work boots. If your brother wears a black leather jacket a lot, then select black leather for his work boots. You can look through a lot of options at local work boot supply stores, like Groundwork Footwork AU. You get the picture.